How Sustainable Clothing Has Changed Our World!

Ever since fast fashion came into inception, the world has become a treacherous place to live in. The amount of waste created by fast fashion, the planet is at a greater danger of future. And with the decreasing quality of life around the globe, living sustainably has become the only option for people at large.

Thus sustainable or slow fashion has become a thing people are switching to. Stooping from the wastage and including more bio-degradable products bring in greater achievement into improving life. Here is how!

Sustainable clothes

Most of the fabric used in fast fashion is not bio-degradable. Meaning, that they aren’t decomposed in the environment even after keeping them under soil or other degrading conditions for years! Therefore there was need for slow fashion that didn’t just come naturally into use but also lasts long and is bio-degradable. Therefore the world is shifting more of linen, cotton, dyes and other fabrics that ease comfort while keeping the environment healthy.


Use of plastic

It is not just the clothes but also the uses around it that matter in making the clothes sustainable. Right from the zippers, buttons to the laundry baskets, everything needs to be made of durable plastic that is biodegradable. Fibertech, in this regard brings the best of plastic containers, laundry baskets etc made from 100% virgin polyethylene that has high density and stays sturdy. The baskets are made of type 4 plastic which can be degraded into the nature and doesn’t contain any toxic elements to harm the lives of people.


Investment in accessories cannot be ignored when it comes to fashion. A more sustained use of the fashion items can be made when they are made of degradable components. Use of items like leather, plastic bags, plastic purses should be limited to a great extent to save the environment. People are increasingly shifting to a more cotton and fabric designed accessories to bring about a change in their lifestyle, fashion sense and environment.


One of the most commonly discarded items in the fashion industry are the shoes. These are made of rubber and plastic for the fast fashion brands pertaining to lasts for a few months. Therefore the quality is largely ignored. Slow fashion introduces people to shoe fabrics like jute, polyethylene and more to craft shoes that are environment friendly.

Choosing slow fashion for clothes, laundry baskets, accessories and shoes can be a stepping stone towards a sustained life! Make that move now!

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