3 Tips to Follow to Use a Washing Machine like a Pro

Admit it that our washing machines are one of the hardest working appliances in our homes. The consistent rotation of the spin basket and the tubs leads to a lot of wear and tear and sometimes it becomes a source of bad odors and mildew. Always keep your washing machine in a top notch condition to get your clothes clean every time. This can be done by paying heed to the tips below.

  1. Load the washer and the set timer accurately

Both the front and the top load washers clean your clothes. When you overload your wash basket, it doesn’t get your clothes cleaned properly. Ensure to set the cycle and load size right. When you wash a full load of heavy clothes on a delicate mode, your clothes don’t get properly cleaned and leaves them too wet to dry in a single cycle. It wastes a lot of energy and causes wear and tear to your appliance. Overloading the wash basket causes the washer to go off balance. It also stops the cycle. To avoid such hassles, you can always invest in a fully automatic washing machine, where everything can be accomplished by a mere touch of a button. To explore such ranges we provide, visit here: https://www.meselectros.com/produit/laveuse-secheuse-lg-wm3700hva-dlex3700v/.

  1. Use the correct amount of washing detergent

Too little detergent never gets your clothes cleaned and overdoing can leave a lot of soap residue in the clothes as well as in the washer. This residue tends to hold the dirt that you have attempted to wash away. In other words, your clothes are dirty nonetheless. The extra soap residue left in your washer also attracts dirt that leads to a smelly washer. When you overuse the detergent, it causes over sudsing where it can lock up and ruin the drain pipe as well. When you have soft water or if you use a water softener, eliminate the amount of the detergent you use as the soft water lets the detergent to generate more suds. Pay heed to what the user manual says when it comes to detergent use.

  1. Always clean the wash tub

Always use a washing machine cleaner once in every month to avoid any residue, lint and dirt from accumulating in the washer as this causes bad odors and bacterial growth. Many washers come with a self cleaning cycle. Refer to your user manual for special instructions when it comes to cleaning the wash tub.

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